Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gossip Girl Revealed

Welcome Upper East Siders! The place where privilege teenagers attend exclusive schools for the rich are. The story revolves around the lives of Serena van der Woodsen, formerly the "It" girl who suddenly left New York (I heard she got pregnant), then there's Blair "Queen B" Waldorf, the bff's of Serena, Nate Archibald- ex of Blair, Chuck Bass - well he's a Bass and I also heard he's in-love with Queen B. On the other hand, Serena seems to be dating for sometime now someone not really familiar to the Upper East Siders, Dan. Dan Humphrey from Brooklyn goes to Nate and Chuck's school. And little Jenny Humphrey, Dan's sister and an aspiring "it girl". Will Jenny be able to get in the club or will she remain an outcast?

Watch as our lovable characters fight, makeup and struggle to achieve their dreams. Does the rich have everything laid out for them exactly the way they wanted to or are the Humphrey's living a simple and humble life much better than the elite, famous and beautiful Upper East Siders? Gossip Girl is currently in it's second season and the party is just getting started.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I was never fond of playing computer games, it bore me. It's ironic that I am a computer science graduate and I cannot possibly spend my whole day facing the computer, it drains me. Year 2006, my sister discovered a computer game, Sacred in my friend's computer and so she taught me. After getting a hang on how it is played, I'm getting hooked on it. After my summer job, I would spend my hours for sleep playing. Well, I got to the point where I became addicted to it. True it's not that fancy compared to other online games since the game did not gain a wide success but I really had a blast playing it. Maybe I'm not just into hard core computer games.

For those who have not tried it, you better not miss this one. For those who have encountered this but felt differently, try to understand, I'm not a gamer.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to cope

This month of June was a total life changing for me. The last post i have created was all about me whining how boring and dull my life was. But now, I can't even have a day of total relaxation. I'm not whining again, in fact I'm happy and appreciative that my life right now is starting to have a purpose. I'm not anymore lost, I have priorities.
Not many people like being a teacher. But this is what I am right now. I remember as a child, I always play as a teacher to my imaginary students. I even have a class record. How funny was that? Well at least now I'm not bored. It's not as easy as the role playing I used to have with my ghost friends but since I love teaching, I enjoy the job a lot and there is a sense of fulfillment. I am not close to becoming an effective teacher so I strive towards the better me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's crazy but up until this week, the realization that I have finished school haven't sink to the thing inside my cranium. Yes, I have tried a couple of job huntings and applications and it did not work out for me. I was not totally open on my plans in the future up until now. Why you asked? Oh maybe just because my plan includes sleeping all day long, have soul searching until I decide I have had enough. And it's not something I am proud of. And guess what, my fake soul searching turned out to be depression building episode.
My family is just great. I haven't heard a single word pressuring me to work and earn my own income. And my ever supportive boo always have to pay the bills whenever we go out.
But lately I'm feeling jaded. The only thing that I anticipated everyday is to be with my sister and boo from their work. So that means I have no social life for about 20 hours in a day. I just got all tired of it, no other expectations, no adventures, less human interaction - it's all eating me up.
And I felt like I have completely morph into a useless being. I don't mean to offend anyone but domesticating myself have not gave me self satisfaction. And so I decided to have some reinventing. Makeover it is people. These changes would include my study habits, pulling myself up from bed on time schedule and lastly - identifying what I really want to have in life, the career I really want and will enjoy and knowing the basics in me. Funny enough, I don't even know my favorite color, food, oh food.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Battle of TV Series

Heroes, Prison Break, Criminal Minds, CSI Las Vegas and Desperate Housewives. These are few yet outstanding TV shows today. Believe me when I say once you started to watch these shows, you would be yearning for more.

If you have a fancy imagination that leaves you crazy over science and fictional shows, HEROES might be the best medication for you. Normal individuals that discover they are not so ordinary after all are the highlights of this series drama. Now they have to adapt to the changes their special abilities bring, work to protect the world from destruction and fight the evil villain- Sylar, that kills gifted individuals to acquire their powers. Each episode is breath taking so you can't miss a single of it.

If your craving for action dipped with suspense, Prison Break might be the one you're looking for. Aside from having an outrageously good and hot looking main cast, Wentworth Miller, the plot will surely captivate your interest. The story revolves around two brothers who were unlucky enough to get tangled to the president's matters. Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is falsely accused of the murder of the president's brother and puts him in the death row. Michael Scofield does everything in his power to prevent his brother, Lincoln from being executed and leads him to commit robbery get him inside prison. Here Michael is able to execute his plans of escaping himself and his brother out of Fox River Penitentiary.

Forensics , criminals, murders, death - all are premises of the two highly acclaimed dramas, CSI and Criminal Minds. While CSI mainly focuses on the investigation of evidences accumulated, Criminal Minds rely on profiling the unsub or unknown subject to foresee the next act of crime and prevent it. These two shows will surely leave you hanging in your seats.

If you are up for good laugh, watch Desperate Housewives. Here you will see five women aiming for love, self completeness with tons of cat fights that lives in the same neighborhood, Wisteria Lane. Each has their own problems to deal with and skeletons in their closets. Wisteria Lane could also get mysterious, so you better witnessed each episode.

Who's Next to be Evicted?

I heard a lot of comments that this week Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus' nomination was totally unfair in whatever aspect you look at it. This week, Rona and Robi are vying for the votes of Filipino viewers in order to stay in bahay of Kuya. Robi, the Atenista with a mature spirit and high intellect is head to head with Rona, the conservative among all girls that acts like the advice guru of the group.

My personal bet to be the Big Winner is Robi, so there is no question who I will be supporting for this week's eviction.

Both top the number of nominations from their fellow house mates during the most intense yet Monday nomination night. Alex even cried after the announcement of the nominees in spite of the fact he did not get a single vote. Viewers can really see how hard it is for all of them to have a face to face nomination. Good thing Kuya made a twist to the excruciating event. It was not completely a face to face nomination since everyone is blindfolded except for the one who is going to nominate. Each one of the house mates has two medals, one is a 1 point medal while the other is for 2 point medal. If you are voted off, you can simply feel house mates placing a medal in your neck unknowingly who it is specifically because you are blindfolded.

At the end of the night, Rona acquired a total of 7 points, Robi with 4 points.
Who is the next out, that depends solely to text votes and the results will be up this coming Saturday night. Here are the photos of the remaining teens in the house of Kuya.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Rocker outlasted the Ballader

The battle between David vs David for the American Idol 2008 title finally concluded. And it was the Rocker that touch the hearts of America. From the 97.5 million total votes Cook garnered 56%.

The two Davids should be ecstatic because this season earned more votes compared to the previous record of only 23 million.

I am personally confused who will win because they are both talented in their chosen genre.
The 17 year old crooning swooner Archuleta had impressed all three judges and Simon Cowell believed it was a knock-out. It was different though for the 25 year old past bartender rocker. Simon thought Cook's choice of the music is "completely and utterly the wrong choice" for him.

Cook smashed the show with his performances of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Dream Big, The World I Know. Archuleta swooned everybody with his Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, In this Moment, and the magnificent Imagine.

The competition was a close fight and it went really great. They both deserved the title but only one can emerge victorious and that is DAVID COOK. Well I'm pretty sure we will be seeing more of them. Season 7 was truly an outstanding and successful season.